A Moment of Peace

We prepared for our first winter storm in the Savage North on Monday with ten to twelve inches of snow forecast.

After coming off a huge holiday weekend, I realized how many tasks I had procrastinated and left for this week.  On top of that, Christmas is coming!  I went into full panic mode as I began creating lists and then lists for my lists.  I could not afford a snow day.  So much to do, so little time!

Knowing the moment comes to me often, I had written a note to myself in my calendar and clipped the following from my writing class “when you panic, read this:”


While walking in the woods one day, I find my mind filled with a list of to-dos and should-have-done-yesterdays.  Panic fills every pore as I feel time slipping away from me.  I become unaware of anything but the panic and my pace quickens.  

I must get back.  

I must get going.  

I have things to do and people to please.   

As I look up to see how much farther I need to go, I stop in my tracks.  The panic evaporates instantly as I stand in reverence to the beauty around me.  

On this early fall morning the trees are at their peak of color.  A cathedral ceiling of gold, orange and red cover me.  The sun, still rising in the sky, floods the trees with low beams of light adding a radiance that steals my breath.  

Below my feet, a golden carpet joins the floor with the brilliance of the sky.  I notice the quiet; no animals scurrying to ready for winter, no wind whispering secrets to the trees.  All of nature is in awe of this moment.  

And as if just for me, a snow of golden leaves falls gently to the forest floor leading my heart and my breath in a chorus of steady beats.  The panic is replaced by a peace I cannot capture with a photo and Instagram for all to enjoy; a peace that will only live in this moment, in this spot, within me.  

I drink it in allowing all of my senses to record the magnificence.

And then on I walk, welcoming back the list of to-dos and the should-have-done-yesterdays with a slower pace and a peaceful soul.


Life with three kids is busy in all season, not just today.  I read these magical words; I feel them. Even if just for a moment, these words return my breath and my heart to steady beats.  The panic recedes.  The day is no less filled, no less busy.  Yet, with these magic words, my attitude has been lifted and my focus steadied.  This moment from a few weeks ago still has the power to bring peace.

In the end, we didn’t get the snow predicted and I have plenty of time today to finish the tasks on my list for the week, plus have a little fun!

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