The Day After

Today is the day after.  Today is the day after my last Intuitive Writing class has ended; a class which provided so much inspiration and clarity. I stare at this blank page hoping…


My Intuitive Writing class was a mix of genders, ages, backgrounds in writing, spiritual practices and pretty much every other category you could think might matter. Yet, we were all human. We all have lived amazing, painful, unexpected lives with experiences that have shaped us. We came together to write and share. We ended up inspired and encouraged by each other. In the end, the gift of being able to listen and be present in another person’s story was the best gift of all.

I took this class to find my voice again. I had been unable to write words for a long time. My voice seemed lost to me. I sat in my very first class with butterflies in my stomach. Would I be enough for this class? Do I even have a voice worthy of putting on the page? But the truth is, my voice was not lost; just hiding for a time. Because the secret no one ever tells you, unless you are brave enough to take a writing class, is we are all writers. We all have a story to tell, our story.


To my writing class, I say thank you.

Each week there was a rhythm and routine to the words we wrote, read and received. Each of you has a gift, a creativity, a perspective to bring to this world. Each of you writes words in different ways. Although your words may describe your unique life moments, we relate to your joy, pain and loss. We are moved. We inspire each other.


Where we come from

I am



Ordinary Things

They are each in and of themselves a work of art. We all have a unique voice. My voice is no longer stuck inside because you shared your story with me. Are we brave to share? Or are we just alive – walking the path of life being witness to the routines around us and sharing them? Whatever the answer, I am grateful for the gift of each of the stories, each of the words shared.

Today may be the day after and we may never cross paths again; but the truth is, my life is better for having known you. I mourn that loss but will treasure forever the gifts received during our time together.


Today I mourn on the day after.  But, life is also full of the day after “the day after.”  The question is what will I do with the day after “the day after?”  Tomorrow I hope to find a page full from the inspiration in the ordinary, everyday life I live.  I have a story to tell.  I am a writer.


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