Hello Again, Hello!

I have been gone such a long time.


#hello (again)” by Celine Nadeau is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So much has happened since we last met on the page and I cannot wait to share it all with you.  However, right now there is a challenge going on.  Honestly, I hate challenges…but I am trying to do new things and push myself as a writer and a person.  The back story is October holds a challenge for bloggers of 31 days of writing…I am suppose to post for 31 days straight…already failed since it is the 4th, but whatever right?  I can do 31 minus 3 and that is still something.  Perfection is not required here, it is progress we are after.  If I preach such things to my kids then I should preach it to myself, right?

So over the next 27 days I will publish some essays I have written this past year on things I have learned (but never published here), some quotes from the kids (because despite the fact they are getting older they still say the best things), and maybe a bit of nonsense (because I am not sure I have 27 days of writing in me).  And maybe, just maybe, I will throw in a recipe or two because this is the Savage North after all!  With leaves changing and temperatures dropping, come comfort food is just what October is all about after all.

Welcome back and enjoy #write31days and all that the adventure may hold.

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