The Courage To Change The World

The second Presidential debates were on last night.

My Facebook feed was full of thoughts about them this morning, Twitter too.

So much of what I read is angry.  Bitter comments like “I can no longer follow you, so disappointed in what you have to say.  Don’t you know the other side is worse.”

I have trouble with angry people and negative energy. I pick it up and carry it with me.

Being full of angry, negative energy is not the way I want to live.


Yet, how do I really make a change?  How do I make an impact?  Change the world?

Raising three positive children full of integrity and generosity is a start.  But ultimately I do not control what they do with their lives, I am just one influence on their path.

Today was one of those days without a spare minute and I needed some way to change the negative energy into something positive.  Yet every moment of the day was filled and there was no time to add coffee with a friend or a walk through the woods.

My opportunity today came when I stopped into the grocery store for one last item for dinner.  With only seconds to spare, I picked up some bread from the bakery case.  Next to me an elderly gentleman shuffled over behind a walker to get a donut out of the donut case.  He could not keep balanced on his walker and reach the donuts at the same time.  I offered to help him get his donuts.  He was beyond grateful.  He thanked me in Swedish.  That made me smile.

What if changing the world starts where we are?  In little moments everyday just noticing the people around us?  What if changing the world is as simple as “Can I help you?”

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