Keep Your Eye On the Ball!

I confess I am not a huge baseball fan.  I use to love baseball.  Yet, somewhere around 2005, I lost interest.  Sleep deprivation made the three hour game time too long to watch and wait for the next pitch.  If they could just cut the game down to about an hour, I could probably find the time again.  Actually—don’t tell my kids—I have a hard time even watching their sports, which only last an hour, I am not sure I could watch people I don’t know for an hour.  I digress…


Last night my husband had us all watch the Cubs and Dodgers in game 6 of the NLCS.  Historic is how he billed the game for the kids, because he loves baseball even after three kids, so any excuse to watch.  In the first inning the Cubs took an early lead because an outfielder took his eye off the ball and dropped an easy out.  Oh the lessons…

Even professionals make mistakes.

Fundamentals of the game are key, even at this level.

Always keep your eye on the ball, you can’t catch what you can’t see.

The kids thought this was a night of mindless TV, instead they got a lecture from mom and dad.  But the truth is, I need those same reminders in my life.  Every day.


I am reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert right now.  And I love her passage on page 27:


And you have treasures hidden within you—extraordinary treasures—and so do I, and so does everyone around us.  And brining those treasures to light takes work and faith and focus and courage and hours of devotion, and the clock is ticking, and the world is spinning, and we simply do not have time anymore to think so small.


Instead of thinking small and staying safe in my little life, I need to remember to keep my eye on the ball.  Whether life is about creating something or going to school or playing sports, distractions are everywhere.  Distractions keep us from the purpose at hand—even the professionals fall prey to looking to what’s next instead of keeping their eye on the now.

I have allowed distractions to keep me from writing and exercising and generally doing what is good for me this fall.  It shows in everything I do, from my energy level to my focus.  I need to get back to watching the ball.  Let the world spin.  Let the clock tick.  Let me focus on creating and caring for my crew by keeping my eye on those things alone so they become the treasures they are meant to be.

Eye on the ball…

You cannot catch what you do not see…

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