What do You Say When A Gun Comes To School?

When a gun comes to school, fear is real. The conversations with my son afterward ended up the most important thing for teaching courage. Courage happens we keep fear from ruling our lives. And on this day, we were both afraid.

When Courage is Ordinary

Courage in the ordinary everyday is the theme for this blog. In the middle of so much unrest in the world, it seems almost naive to think courage comes from the little things in everyday life. When I look at the events in African nations, the Middle East, and even across my own country, it … Continue reading When Courage is Ordinary

Finding Excuses Not to Write

Thirty-one days is a lot of days, even when you start a few days into the challenge.  I find after taking a few days off to deal with some medical issues, finding all sorts of excuses not to write. I am too busy. The kids have stuff. I have laundry to do. We are out … Continue reading Finding Excuses Not to Write

My Christmas Gift

As a new brand new mom, many moons ago, I lay in a sterile hospital holding the most amazing gift. I was simultaneously filled with joy and fear, and they fought with each other. This is amazing! Am I strong enough? I have never known such love! Am I smart enough? Life cannot get more … Continue reading My Christmas Gift