Finding Excuses Not to Write

Thirty-one days is a lot of days, even when you start a few days into the challenge.  I find after taking a few days off to deal with some medical issues, finding all sorts of excuses not to write. I am too busy. The kids have stuff. I have laundry to do. We are out … Continue reading Finding Excuses Not to Write

It’s Probably Not Cancer…And Other Phrases From My Week.

A tongue in cheek look at my week in phrases like "it's probably not cancer," "I love a woman with a little meat on her bones," "you're joking, right," and "because I said so."

To Inspire A Writer

So many authors I read say they write because they have to get the words out, they just have to write or they feel off balance.  I know people who say that about exercise, they just have to run.  I know people that say this about painting, religion, business...passions need to be realized.  It is … Continue reading To Inspire A Writer

Realizing I’m Not Enough

We label ourselves and labels are given to us. But then at some point we have to decide whether or not we let our labels stick. What I learned about labels and Jesus is helping me teach my kids about love, tolerance, faith and how they see themselves.